Looking for software engineers to join your team? We will help you find the perfect match.

Talent sourcing

If your team needs help with a software project, we will provide the right people to support your design and development efforts. Over the years we’ve helped businesses screen, recruit and train a large number of amazing IT talents.

Recruitment process


Requirements research

In the first place we need to know the specific requirements of your project – the technologies, the tools, the workflow, the team culture and responsibilities.

Some positions may require someone with great communication and execution skills, while others would be more suitable to an introvert solo developer.

Each case is different and we want the process to be tailored to the specific needs of the position we'll be filling for you.


Talent lead generation

We use only job boards, magazines and ad locations that match the specific “niche” of developers that matches your target.

We also use our wide network of industry connections and tools to reach the right audience for your team.


Reviewing job applications

We use Typeform to take our applications. The form isn’t too long, however it requires a level of commitment that pre-qualifies candidates as hyper-responsive or not quite interested. This is the first step of the funnel that ultimately leads to the best hire you could make.

Each of the applications falls into a recruitment pipeline and then is reviewed by our team. Chosen candidates are asked to participate in an online screening assessment. Only once they confirm their interest will we send an invitation – this is another way we make sure the candidate is really into working with our clients and us.


Online assessment

Candidates who get this far have to fill in an online screening assessment. They are given programming tasks and sets of choice and open-ended questions. These questions are tailored to each position you’re trying to fill.

Our clients usually look for self-sufficient problem solvers, so the tests verify down to earth and practical programming skills, rather than academic kind of algorithmic knowledge. There’s no fixed level that will either qualify or disqualify a candidate.

Unlike our competition we don’t resend test links so candidates can appear better than they really are – we don’t need to, cause our tests are practical. We work with people and this is how we approach the assessments.


Internal interview

During an interview, that is either held in person or online, we want to test some of the candidate’s soft skills.

We want to check how they approach problem solving as well as if their communication and organization skills will fit your culture and the team they will be working with.


Client interview & decision

Only a handful of candidates reaches the point when they interview with our clients. Before we commit to full-time engagement they would’ve worked through a trial period with us on smaller projects unless you’re on a time constraint. We want to see if they are the right fit and they’re capable of delivering quality work in a remote environment.

Now we’re sure we’ve found the perfect candidate to fill in the position – there’s nothing left but to make an offer that works for both sides.

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